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Real Connection Starts with Real Values. Discover Weaver.

The Dating App
Rooted in Core Values

Weaver is the deeper dating app based on core values. See the red flags so you can spend more time on the right people.

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No more guessing games.
See how your values align before investing time.
Every profile is reviewed, vetted, and approved by us.
Research-based and 
values-centered so you
can find the right people.
See how your values align before investing time with Weaver's Pillar Breakdown. Dig deeper and see all the red flags and deal breakers.
See beyond a polished profile. Weaver alerts daters to red flags and deal breakers at the top of every profile.
Weaver's Pillar Questions are research-based and values-centered so you can spend more time on the right people and stop wasting time on the wrong people.

Why Core Values?

Research shows that relationships built on shared values are much more likely to endure.

Also known as “sacred” values, core values are the guiding principles that dictate your behavior; your personal perspective, not only about yourself but about others and the world. Core values are the set standards by which you live your life and are most often responsible for determining the success or demise of a relationship.

They can be sorted into categories like...

Life Attitudes
Fiscal Views

Our Approach

Date better, not more. We're bringing depth and intention back to dating apps.

We're putting the spotlight on the things you most want to know when vetting dates. With our core values approach we alert you to red flags and deal breakers before the first message.

In a long-term study of more than 2,500 couples married around 20 years, researchers found that shared interests and similar personalities had no effect on relationship satisfaction. That's why our research based Pillar Questions have been selectively composed to cover only the most foundational core values that are most often at the heart of breakups and divorces.


We focus on the things that matter most, so you can spend more time on the right people.

The Weave

Get curious and explore our blog where we dive into topics across the relational landscape.

The Weave is our blog dedicated to helping individuals build and maintain healthy relationships. It provides a space for learning, education, and self-improvement in the realm of relationships, dating, and emotional health. With The Weave, you can explore topics such as communication, vulnerability, behavioral science, personal growth, and - of course - dating advice all aimed at fostering stronger connections with others. Come discover our blog and maybe you'll learn some new things about building meaningful relationships with yourself and others!

Announcements and Other News

Weaver launched and dating is live nationwide in the US! Everyone can sign-up and start dating.

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